Stephan Stass

Stephan Stass

Member of the Divisional Board of Management of Chassis Systems Control, Executive Vice President
Robert Bosch GmbH

Stephan Stass was born in Germany in 1969.

He studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Applied Science in Kaiserslautern.

In 1998 he joined the Robert Bosch GmbH and held multiple positions in Engineering and Product Management for ABS, TCS, ESP.

From 2008 to 2012, he served as Vice President and Head of Engineering at Chassis System Control, Bosch Japan, responsible for development of ABS, ESP Systems and Motorcycle ABS.

His subsequent roles include Head of Systems and Advanced Engineering (2013-2014) including the autonomous driving program at Bosch and Senior Vice President of the Business Unit Driver Assistance Systems (2014- 2018) with P&L responsibility.

In 2018, he was appointed to the Board of Management of the Division Chassis Systems Control, leading Driver Assistance Systems and Engineering worldwide.

Since 2021, he has taken over the responsibility for the Brake Systems Business in addition to the responsibility for the Engineering worldwide.